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🔴Very interesting Story ;!!!!
I bet you gonna learn from this story! A pretty and wealthy woman was serving life sentence in prison.

Angry and resentful about her plight she had

decided that she would rather die than to live

another year in prison.

Over the years she had become good friends with one of the prison caretakers. His job, among others, was to bury those prisoners who died in a graveyard

just outside the prison walls.

When a prisoner died, the caretaker rang a bell,

which was heard by everyone.

The caretaker then

got the body and put it in a casket. Next, he entered his office to fill out the death certificate before returning to the casket to nail the lid shut. Finally, he

put the casket on a wagon to take it to the graveyard and bury it.

Knowing this routine, the woman devised an escape plan and shared it with the caretaker;
The next time

the bell rang, the woman would leave her cell and

sneak into the dark room where the coffins were

kept. She would slip into the coffin with the dead

body while the caretaker was filling out the death


When the care-taker returned, he would nail the lid shut and take the coffin outside the prison with the woman in the coffin along with the dead body.

He would then bury the coffin. The woman having pre-arranged with the caretaker for special vents in the coffin knew there

would be enough air for her to breathe until later in the evening when the caretaker would return to the graveyard under the cover of darkness, dig up the coffin, open it, and set her free.

She wld also carry along a small flashlight to cope with the darkness beneath until the hour of expected freedom.
The caretaker was reluctant to go along with this plan, but since he and the woman had become good

friends over the years, and knowing dat he stands to gain a lot from this pretty and wealthy woman, he more than agreed to do it.
The woman waited several weeks before someone in the prison died. She was asleep in her cell when she

heard the death bell ring.

She got up and slowly walked down the hallway. She was nearly caught a couple of times. Her heart was

beating fast. She opened the door to the darkened

room where the coffins were kept. Quietly in the

dark, she found the coffin that contained the dead body, carefully climbed into the coffin and pulled the lid shut to wait for the caretaker to come and nail the lid shut.
Soon she heard footsteps and the pounding of the

hammer and nails.

Even though she was very uncomfortable in the coffin with the dead body, she knew that with each nail she was one step closer to freedom.

The coffin was lifted onto the wagon and taken outside to the graveyard. She could feel the coffin being lowered into the ground. She didn’t make a sound as the coffin hit the bottom of the grave with

a thud.

Finally she heard the dirt dropping onto the top  of

the wooden coffin, and she knew that it was only a matter of time and she would be free at last.

After several minutes of absolute silence, she began to laugh…happily feeling free already and chanting she was free! she was free!

Feeling curious, she decided to light the flashlight to find out the identity of the dead prisoner beside her.
To her horror, she discovered that she was lying next

to the CARETAKER….her only hope to freedom.
Many people believe they have life all figured

out…that they are well connected and can arrange and pre-arrange things to their favour… but sometimes it just doesn’t turn out the

way they planned it.

Think of a ‘Plan B’!!! SUBMIT TO ALLAH (SWT)
“I don’t know what

tomorrow holds, but I know WHO

holds tomorrow  -ALLAH
The Happiest People Don’t Have the Best of


They Just Make The Best Of What They Have…But at times even the BEST FAILS…
Only one thing never fails..ALLAH
May he never fail you for sharing this message

Allah loves us!!

Very inspiring  post below     (Life Experiences )


1) You need people who will mock you, so that you can run to Allah for solace, and reassess your sincerity.

2) You need people who will intimidate you and demotivate you, so that you can be courageous and devise new survival skills.

3) You need people who will say “NO” to you, so that you can learn how to be independent, resourceful and dependant on Allah TA’ALA only.

4) You need people who will disappoint you, so that you can put all your trust in Allah alone, know the sincere and the hypocrites in your circle, and lower your expectations in people.

5) You need people who will work towards you loosing that job, so that you can start your own business and create your own success one day.

6) You need people who will sell you, just as Sayyadina Yusuf (Alaihis Salaam) was sold, so that you can get to Egypt (a better place) and be a Prime Minister in a strange land of captivity, away from the envious and the malicious ones.

7) You sometimes need a cruel landlord, so that you won’t be too comfortable in someone else’s house. Then you can build your own house one day and learn empathy towards others.

8) You sometimes need people to cheat you, manipulate you, and defraud you, so that you become wiser, a surviver, and a meaningful competitor in the world.


When we are hurt or disappointed, we tend to become depressed and demotivated. We want to quit and we brood whole day,  not knowing that the end-point of disappointment is the beginning of your accomplishments……

Understand this, “Every disappointment you once had came with a blessing!” However, it is not everyone that partakes in this blessing that I’m talking about. Not everyone sees the rainbow after the storm. Many are very busy trying to salvage whatever they can from the damage the storm beset them with.

You cannot see a new OPEN door while you are still putting all your attention, time and energy in trying to force the CLOSED one to open. Move forward to greater glory…

Again I say, “No disappointment can ever come without an attached blessing!”

So, when a disappointment comes, thank Allah TA’ALA for it and ask Allah TA’ALA to open your eyes to see the new blessing that HE has kept in store for you!

Disappointment is PHASE 1, while accomplishment is PHASE 2.  That it is why PHASE 2 is called BREAKTHROUGH … Something must BREAK so that you can go THROUGH!



I wish a long life to my enemies so they can see all my successes!🌹

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