Jamea Tagline and Site Title

I created a second  blog with the same name as Jameatus Swalehat Malegaon Blog reason being  I couldnt access my first  blog , well i just managed to sort that out Alhumdulillah !I was just starting to blog there and made some funny blogapers blogging  mistakes, previously  ,anyways the links and info shared on the previous blog are very awesome ,and memorable  ,as author of previous blog  Jameatus Swalehat Malegaon means University for Pious Girls in Malegaon .the tagline says Jamea Saathis Forever meaning friends of Jamea forever as I myself studied there way back in the 80s ,I created these blogs to bring back beautiful memories of the Madrasah ,and to reunite all ex alumni of the Malegaon Madrasah, the one on facebook as well , is active uptil today,and I do have a personal  whatapp group for the muallimahs  only, my fervent wish is solely to unite all my saathis ,hoping for another Reunion again in South Africa or maybe somewhere overseas ,who knows?


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