Kalaam ul Allah

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An amazing story.

There was a couple living in a remote village in India. They were in the later years of their lives and extremely poor. Their daily routine was to get up early in the morning, collect dry shrubs ,take it to the market sell it, buy food with the money and bring it back home to eat. The money they made was only enough to buy them food for that day.

All their lives they lived in this simple and hard fashion and all their lives they had one aim, to one day save enough money to purchase  of a copy of the Holy Quran.

 After many years of saving what little they could spare, they managed to save enough money for the husband to travel to the local town and purchase a copy of the Holy Quran. 

When the morning of the day in which they would purchase a copy of the Quran finally arrived, the husband said to the wife:

 “Today I will go and Inshallah get us a copy of the KALLAMULLAH”.

 The husband set off on his journey. He reached the town by midday and purchased  the Quran. When the book store sales man gave him the copy of the Quran, the man kissed it, and did not know how to respect the KALLAMULLAH, so he thought to himself, “this is the KALLAMULLAH and it deserves the best respect. There is no better place then the top of my head”. So the old man held the Quran on the top of his head and walked towards his village. 

He arrived home  just past Asr Salaah. He showed his wife the Quran, she was awe struck and she could not hold her emotions, they both hugged and kissed the Quran, saying “KALLAMULLAH”. 

When night came, they did not know where to put the Quran. So they discussed what to do, they both agreed that the only thing worthy enough would be “one of us holds it on our head until half the night, then the over holds it the next half of the night, while the other sleeps”.

So they did as they planned. One half of the night the husband stood with awe and reverence and held the “KALLAMULLAH” on top of his head for he believed this is the only form of respect worthy the “KALLAMULLAH”.

 The next half while he slept the wife held it on top of her head for the same reason.

When morning came, they were both Haafidh of the Holy Quran. It must be noted when the person narrating this incident met them, neither could read the Quran from the text and they were in their 60’s.

Subhanallah, indeed Allah raises the ranks of those who love and revere the


May Allah make us from amongst those who fulfill the rights of the KALAAM UL ALLAH

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