I can’t forget Jamea’s Ramadhaan

Jameatus Swalehat Malegaon Blog

Assalaamu Alaikum this post was commented by me last year Ramadhaan 2011

slmz ramadhaan mubarak to all cant believe its ending so fast da best ramadhaan i had was in jamea  years ago as da feeling der, was very different we had kulfi afta taraweeh naan tikya and samoosas for sehri limbu sarbat and gola and fresh fruit juice for iftaar and da sehri feeling was absolutely phenomenal where da announcement went like this

sehri ka waqt khatam hone wala heh 15 minute baaqi heh sehri ka waqt khatam horaha heh 10 minute baaqi heh sehri ka waqt khatam horaha heh 5 minute baaqi heh sehri ka waqt khatam ho gaya heh khana peena band karo i cant 4get jamea


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