Moulana Mumtazul Haq (Rahimahullah)

*A teacher, a father, a mentor, and poet par excellence*

The sudden demise of Moulana Mumtazul Haq _rahimahullah_ has left an irreplaceable void within the ranks of ‘Ulama in South Africa as well as abroad. “Certainly we belong to Allah and to Him is our return.”

Moulana Mumtazul Haq _rahimahullah_ was a versatile scholar whose accumulative experience and wisdom enriched the Jami’ah al ‘Uloom al Islamiyyah as well as the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa in so many different ways. Together with being a fatherly figure, he provided invaluable support to both the teachers and students of the institution alike.

Back in 1979, Moulana _rahimahullah_ and his brother, Moulana Mansurul Haq, were sent to teach Qur’an and Hadith in South Africa by the esteemed scholar, Moulana Yusuf Binnori _rahimahullah_, who exclaimed, “I am sending my two stars to your country to serve the Deen of Islam.” The blessings of the duaa of his teacher was evident in his sound academic ability and in-depth lessons. At the time of his demise, Moulana _rahimahullah_ held the honour of teaching the famous books of Hadith, Sahih Bukhari and Jami’ Tirmidhi as well as the commentary of the Noble Qur’an, Jalaalyn.

Moulana Mumtazul Haq _rahimahullah_ will best be remembered as an Arabic linguist par excellence who inspired his students through his stirring poetry. His ability to unravel the intricacies and complex phrases of Arabic poetry was a feat very few scholars could match. Inshallah, his legacy will continue through his very many students who serve in various parts of the globe.

Moulana _rahimahullah_ was an ardent supporter of the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa who only a week prior to his demise addressed the Executive saying, “You have our 110 percent support.” From time to time, he would offer his advise and wisdom especially when complex decisions needed to be taken.

Prior to his tragic matyrdom, Moulana _rahimahullah_ terminated his last lesson at the Jami’ah al Uloom Al Islamiyyah of the august book of Tafseer, Jalaalyn, on the second verse of Surah Fat-h, “That Allah may forgive for you, what preceded of your sin and what will follow…” The indelible smile and radiance on his face evident a little prior to his Janazah, will remain etched in minds of the scores of people who attended. By the Will of Allah, it is a sign of his forgiveness and acceptance of his matyrdom at age 64.

The sun has forever set for those who were guided by his brilliant light, knowledge and wisdom.

May the Almighty forgive him and transform his grave into a garden from among the gardens of Jannah. May Allah bless his family with patience and fortitude during this challenging time.

*The Shuraa, Principal, staff and students of Jami’ah al Uloom Al Islamiyyah & Jamiatul Ulama South Africa*

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