Jamea’s Morning Dua

Khuda Neh Banayee

heh Dunya Niralee

The morning Dua that should be read

in Jamea Hostel before going to the Madressah

By UmmeLuqman


Allah Ta’ala has created the world green and flourishing

Has laid its foundation on destruction and existence

Some are arriving [being born]

Some are departing [passing away]

Some are losing

Some are winning

some are shedding tears of sorrow

somewhere there is a burial

somewhere the is a wedding

somewhere bereavement

somewhere contentment

some where its sunshine

somewhere its nightfall

somewhere its darkness

somewhere its brightness

somewhere someone is experiencing poverty

somewhere someone is luxuriant

somewhere there is monarchy

somewhere slavery

somewhere vulgarity

somewhere greeting

somewhere on a soft bed

somewhere on a straw –mat

somewhere in imprisonment

somewhere emancipated

many homes are separating

the traveller is detouring and arriving home again

this powerful justice system is very green

our imaan [faith ]is 1000 fold more powerful

whatever has been decreeded good or bad will occur

whatever has been predestine for u u will receive that

Thousands have departed and are still departing Many more are still arriving

None will remain in this universe

Whoever has arrived in this universe will depart from this universe

If you practiced some good it will be of assistance to you in the hereafter

Why are you attaching your heart too much to this world

Why are you accumulating[amassing ]all these worldly possessions

Take your Imaan with you and quit from here !

Shed some tears over your sins

Allah has created this world green and flourishing

Laid its foundation on destruction and existence


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