JSM Renovation Project SA 2012

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN                                     

 Respected sponsors Assalaamu Alaikum Once again the time has come to dig deep into your pockets this Ramadhaan, and open your hearts out for our Madressa On behalf of the management  of the South African ex alumni that studied with me in JAMEATUS SWALEHAT MALEGOAN   Madrasah Jameatus Swalehat Is A Girl’s Madressa In Malegoan Maharashtra India That Is In Existence For  43 Years  Where Many Of Our  Mothers And Sisters From South Africa  As Well As  Abroad London, Canada, America Barbados, France Reunion Etc  Have Studied Our Wish Is To Re-Unite All Our Saathis For The Sake Of Allah Ta’ala  Insha-Allah To Work Towards The Upliftment Of This Madressa

We humbly request your  generous contribution /donation towards the upgrading and uplifting of our Madrasah Our MADRESSAH  JAMEATUS SWALEHAT MALEGOAN has been  still in the following condition for at least 25 years… since we left these are the poor conditions  in which students study:

Areas which need immediate attention:



Catering Facilities [Mess] Or Kitchen  Need To Be Upgraded Library.

Students are required to purchase their own suitcases as cupboards and mattresses as  bunks are not available Kitaabs Stationery.

Electricity Annual Jalsa Expenditure Basic food and boarding facilities

for the many students that board over  there.

General Renovation And Maintenance Of The Madressah Alhamdulillah 

Under These Poor Conditions The Madressah Has Produced Aalimahs From Around The World. Many Of Our South African Aalimas Have Opened Their Own Madressas And Have Taught In Many Institutions  As Well And Are Still Continuing To Serve The Deen              

Amount of Females Qualified in Jameatus Swalehat Malegoan from


 Aalimas 4347

Haafizaat 97

Qaariayaat 5126

Africa including south africa 13

Aasam 4

America 4

Andra pradesh 42

Australia 2

Barbados 4

Bihar 30

Canada 28

Dubai 1 England 78

France 6 Goa 7 Gujrat 395

Haryana 10

Jammu kashmir 23

Karnataka 97 Lakshdeep 1

 Madya pradesh 150

Maharashtra 1462

 Malegoan 1793

Manipur 11

Mauritius [Reunion ] 3

Nepal 5 Orissa 32

 Panama 4

Rajastaan 17

 Uttar pradesh 119

West bengal 7

With improved conditions so much more can be achieved. And our aim as South Africans is to make sure we assist them as much as we possibly can  INSHAALLAH To date the management of the fund raising committee is carried out by


who is a trustworthy and responsible person of this institute .  


PHONE :0091 2554 231 892 FAX 02554 232677 02554 233377






His only interest and dream is the uplifting and upgrading of the madressah for the future .ie. The improvement of the facilities InshAllah with your efforts  and your generous contribution you can be part of this wonderful achievement  of such a noble task for a noble madressah of such a high standard The Knowledge what we gained from this Madressa is on par with any  other girl’s Madressa or University in the world Shukran Jazeelan Wa Ahsanul Jazaah May Allah reward you abundantly in this world and in the hereafter   and all those who inspired us and motivated us to go and study there AAMEEN http://www.malegaonjamea.wordpress.com http://www.malegaonjamea1.wordpress.com