Jamea’s History


What importance the materialistic evolution. of the present age has obtained is visible to every be-awared man. The effects of this evolution have reached almost every part of the world. The Scientific progress has made it possible for the mortal to touch the height of the skies. It has become very easy to go so the moon. It seems that the secrets of Nature can no longer remain concealed and the curiosity and struggle of man will not leave any stone unturned. But apart from all these materialistic and scientific progress it is true that the brightness of the Jet Age has darkened the human heart and mind and it has thrown away human beings far from the realities of life. The evils of the modern education are setting the present generation only on the path of atheism. This evil is spreading like an uncontrollable jungle fire which can only be extinguished by the teachings of Allah and His Rasool [S.A.W.]

The wise and the learned persons (Ulama) felt this and prescribed the ways of Allah and His Rasool [S.A.W.] for the suffering and pathless humanities for all the periods. They devoted all their energies and talents only for this purpose. They spread the Islamic teachings throughout their lives.

العلم وسيلة لكل فضيلة

“(Islamic) education is the source of every greatness”

was their object .

Whenever a nation chooses the path of progress, to begin with, its ornaments its women with education which becomes tremendously fruitful for the society.

(In fact, this notion is also given by Islam).

Our women are an integral part of our Millat and to fix the teaching of the Holy Quran and Hadeeth only to man and exclude women is not correct in any way.

To keep women away from the Islamic learning and training would become very destructive and harmful illiteracy makes one crippled and suppressed.

An illiterate person does not remain his own master and his thoughts are always governed by others, illiteracy destroys his abilities and talents he is kept far from the good and useful things to such an extent that he begins to hate the good and starts to love the evil which causes destruction on the earth.

طهر الفساد في البر والبحر

بما كسبت ايدي الناس

(Evils appeared on earth and the sea due to the Bad doings of mankind).

In order to destroy tile evils of the Dark Age, the Holy Quran had proposed اقراء (read) so that our Rasool [S.A.W.] was asked to read and cut the roots of all the theoretical and practical evils we see that the successful prescription of Allah had destroyed all the evils of the Dark Age, it can also destroy ‘ the present educated illiteracy’ This prescription is the source instruction and salvation for the Ummah.

طلب العلم فريضة علي كل مسلم

Learning of Islamic knowledge is compulsory

On every Muslim [Man and Woman].


This Hadeeth explains that none is excluded from the compulsion and duty of learning of Islam. Learning of the Holy Quran and the Hadeeth, Tafseer is not only for man but also for woman.

Allah and our Rasool [S.A.W.] do not permit any sort of exception and distinction to get Islamic education.

In lieu of all these facts, we See that only the first Part of the Hadeeth is attentively and strictly practised (teaching of man).

 Therefore there is a host of Islamic Schools (Madaaris ) and institutions ( Darul-Uloom for boys throughout the world where they learn and become Muffassir and Muhaddis and Aalim.

 Thousands of Madrasahs are scattered in villages. Good libraries have been opened to get historical information and learn the deeds and misdeeds of the previous nations.

Boys get lot knowledge with the help of the library books. Well – arranged places of worship are constructed for the boys.

They find every opportunity to sit and listen to the good sayings of the religious heads. In fine, there is everything only for the male.

He finds so many occasions to understand Islam and prepares himself according to the command of Allah and His Rasool [S.A.W.].

But there is nothing for the female of our Millat.

Though in the period of our Holy Rasool and Sahaba [R.A.] most of the women were Muhaddithaat and Muftiyah and Aalima of Islam.

From the last few centuries the education of women is completely overlooked.


We, therefore, do not find any Islamic Institution for girls while both (Male and Female) are addressed in the Hadeeth.

The presence of institutions only for the boys is not the complete obedience of Allah and our Rasool. [S.A.W.]

If the purpose of Islamic education is to find out the right (Haqq) and acknowledge oneself to Allah and seek His graces, why it should only be for the man?

This preference is unwise. Is it good that man gets a lot of Islamic education and prepares himself for the last Day (Aakihrat) and so why not the fair sex?

Our prophet Muhammad [S.A.W.] taught men once a week while women were taught twice a week which proves the anxiety of the prophet for the education of women.

Women are integral part of a nation they play very important role in the progress and decline of a nation.

 To keep our women away from Islamic Education is a tyranny which can become very destructive and harmful for our nation.

 If they remain illiterate the qualities which are necessary for running a house successfully and keeping the next generation Muslim cannot be produced in them.

It is essential that with the help of religious education, all the good qualities should be instilled into them which will make them the real reformer and guardian of the whole family.

It has been observed that if only one girl is educated in the family she can change the whole family.

She can make the family educated, civilized and gentle.

 She can make every member of the family able to serve the religion a Millat, on the wanting of this we are lamenting.

Therefore women should be withdrawn from the grade of a maid and must be given the right to place in the society which will surely help us to gain worldly and heavenly bliss


QUESTION:-Whether Shariah permits a woman to do social and welfare work or not? Maslah asked by Mumtaz Begum c/o/Aaga Mohd Hafeez Saheb Jallunder.

ANSWER:The Sacred Shariah of Islam does not stop a woman to perform Islamic Services which are devoted to herewith arrangement of curtain a woman can deliver her speech before a meeting Kifayatul Mufti .Vol 11 page 41[ khulasae Jawaab page 26]

In the present age of evils there is moral degradation everywhere. Islam and Islamic Beliefs are being attacked by anti Muslim forces .They are specially attacking the matters concerning with Muslim woman and trying their level best to defame Islam – In such a critical time

it becomes essential to train our Muslim women with Islamic

Education in Islamic institutions. The lacking of Islamic education

has been proved poisonous for our society. A Majority of our

Muslim girls’ learning in schools and colleges are obtaining such type of education which is immoral , destructive and blowing them away from Islamic values Keeping in view the above-mentioned facts and to preserve Islamic way of life ,habits ,civilisation, culture and insert them among our Muslim Girls

Maulana Mohammed Usman Saheb,

Maulana, Abdul Haq Saheb,

Maulana Mohammed Ilyas Saheb and

Maulana Mohammed Ayyub Saheb,

have founded an Islamic Institution’ in April, 1968 named

JAMEATUS-SWALEHAT in Malegaon [Nasik]


It is the maiden ,central religious Arabic, Islamic Institution in India which was founded only for the girls Within a short period of 19 years this institution has gained such a fame and progress that the whole country and particularly Malegoan is proud of it . Whenever a historian will write the History of Islamic Institutions the name of Jameatus Swalehat will not only be written with golden letters but also with great reverence.

Today nearly 2000 students are studying in 40 divisions. 1300 students are from outside [foreigners] who stay in the hostel.

There are 13 divisions of std. 1.

In std 1st (A) matriculated girls’ are admitted who complete 2 years course within one year that means they complete 5 years course within 4 years.

There are classes up to std. 5

In std. 5  Daure Hadees is taught.

66 female teachers, who have been educated and trained in this institution, have been appointed for teaching.

There are special arrangements for Tajweed and Qiraat.

It is compulsory for every girl to recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed ( with correct pronunciation and intonation).

The Aalima Course is for 5 years.

The timing of the Jamea is


Morning 8-30 a. m. to 12-30 p.m.

Afternoon 2-30 p_ m. to 5-00 p. m. 



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